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  • If your horse is not a ‘good doer’ this supplement is ideal for giving your horse or pony that extra help needed to keep them looking at their best.
  • The combination of Pre and Probiotics work synergistically (synbiotics) together.
  • Very helpful during and after antibiotics, stress, abrupt dietary change, transport or diarrhoea nutrients.
  • The two of the key ingredients within PRO-CHOICE GOLD are Yea-Sacc and Bio-Mos.
  • Yea-Sacc has performance results that are scientifically proven.
  • In fact, of the 71 peer reviewed, published papers, published in Animal Feed Science Technology and Journal of Animal Science on the mode of action of yeast cultures, 42% were done on Yea-Sacc.
  • Bio-Mos is scientifically proven and supported by 733 research trials (university, peer reviewed, practical). 113 of these trials exist as peer reviewed publications and several others are pending this status.
  • A unique combination of a live yeast culture and prebiotics, for the maximum range of benefits.
  • Activates the natural fibre digesting bacteria in the horse’s hind gut (Caecum).
  • Utilisation of feed and nutrients situations.
  • Enhances palatability of feed and encourages even fussy eaters.
  • Helps to maintain condition all year round.
  • Improves coat (throughout the year) and hoof condition.
  • Growth rate of young horses, particularly in bone development.
     Saccharomyces cerevisiae (3.96x107 CFU/g) - NCYC 1026 (Yes-Sacc)
      10,000mg per 20g     
     Mannanoligosaccharides      10,000mg per 20g     
Yea-Sacc - a yeast culture based on a proprietary strain of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a yeast strain specifically selected for its influence on animal performance. With a low inclusion rate and a large body of research clarifying its mode of action and performance responses.

Mannanoligosaccharides - derived from the cell wall of specific stains of yeast.  These particles have specific binding sites which adhere to pathogenic bacteria and so prevent them from colonising the gut, this helps promote health by the passing of the bound bacteria.


      Up to 300kg                                            Over 300kg     
      15g (1.5 scoops) per day                     Daily    20g (2 scoops) per day

       1 level scoop = approx 10g
The above is our recommended daily intake. However, levels may be adjusted accordingly to the horse's specific needs, or as directed by your veterinarian. If in doubt, please contact us for further assistance.


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