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Black Friday Deals
Posted on 26th November 2015

Our Black Friday Event has begun!

Offers will be available until 8am Tuesday 1st December. Due to the nature of some of the deals, limited stock is available.

Other deals may require a few extra days to process, should we run out of stock.

If you have any problems ordering over the weekend event, please contact us on 07852 733 632 between 9am and 5pm.

BETA International 2015
Posted on 2nd February 2015

I can't quite believe that it's already February, and we've only just seen our first flurry of snow at The NoseBag HQ.

We're eagerly looking forward to our trip to BETA International again this year, so long as the weather doesn't hamper our plans. We'll be looking to expand a lot of the ranges we carry on our website, and having a look at the new products available to the market. It's a little like being a kid in a sweet shop, there is just so much to look at.

We'll be busy adding new products to our website from our latest catalogues from our current suppliers, so keep an eye on the clearance section of the website. We'll be putting on some crazy, but very limited offers, to make space for some new stock.

Christmas Delivery and opening times
Posted on 4th December 2014

The lead to Christmas can be a very busy and stressful time for a lot of people. And due to the higher than normal volume of parcels going through postal depots, slight delays are possible.

Our recommended last days for Christmas ordering are:

Europe: Thursday 12th December

Uk: Tuesday 16th December

Please be aware, that whilst we will do everything we can to make sure your order gets to you before Christmas, we don't offer a guarrenteed delivery option.

We will be Closed for a few days over the Christmas Holidays. We will shut on Monday 21st December at 12noon, and re-open fully on 2nd January. During this time, we will process any orders we can on Saturday 27th, Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th December.


Autumn Jobs to do...
Posted on 26th September 2014

Whilst we are still enjoying the sunshine, and some warm days, the leaves are turning and autumn is certainly looking like its here.

Whilst we'd love to say that all the summer painting, cleaning and tidying of the yard is done, and we're ready for winter, I can't. Because it's not. However there are some jobs which will have to be done before the ground gets too wet, and daylight hours are strictly for riding!

We got a head start with all the rug washing, and fixing at the beginning of summer, but any that got missed should definatly be sent off now. We've used Merlin Equestrian for the last few years, and can't fault the fantastic service, and great value for money.

We've also checked the hardcore which has been laid in our field gateways for a number of years. Its easy to get it sorted now, rather than waiting till your loosing your wellies in the gateways, along with the odd horseshoe. Rotating your grazing, to avoid poaching will also reduce the risk of mudfever.

Speaking of Mudfever: Treating it early, or even better preventing it, saves such a lot of time, and pain for your horse, leaving them to enjoy their turnout. Feed supplements such as NAF Mud Guad are best started before there's a problem, especially with a horse prone to mudfever. Purpose kits such as Carr Day and Martin MF Pro, or creams like Dermoline soothing wound cream, are great to have in, then you can start treatment as soon as a little bit appears. There's nothing worse than having to run to the tack shop last minute!

Horse and Hound have a list of 14 jobs for winter, always worth a quick read. (Linked article may contain external links, of which we have no control )

Product Tester Reviews T&C's
Posted on 24th May 2014

Ever read a product review in a horsey magazine, and thought, 'I'd like to do that!'  Well now's your chance!.

We are looking for people to write product reviews for our website. We have a limited number of products, and although they are mainly horse products, we do sometimes have cat and dog products to test too.

To apply please send us a quick email to saying a little about yourself and your horse/cat/dog, and why you think you'd be ideal for a product reviewer. A short product review will also greatly help, but is not essential.

We will need contact details, as we will be posting items out to you. We never pass this information on to anyone else, nor do we sell this information. You may be required to create an account on our website system as this is the easiest way of submitting a product review. Again this information will remain confidential, and you will only be asked to do this once you have been approved as a product reviewer.

We require honest reviews, if you don't like it, please tell us why! Product reviews should be approx 100 words long. We won't reject a review if its a few words less, but one or two sentences won't be enough. You are allowed to publish the product reviews that you wrote for us elsewhere, but we require that you state that the review was originally published for

This offer is currently only open to people in the UK. Once you have been approved as one of our product reviewers, you will be sent a confirmation email, with a short list of available products to choose from.

Anyone who recieves a product, but then fails to submitt a review within 3 weeks of recieving the item, will be removed from the list of product reviewers. (Occasionaly some items will have a longer time limit on the return of the review. This will be made clear when you recieve your item. Otherwise assume that the time limit is 3 weeks.)

Similarly, anyone applying for products with the intention of reselling the product will also be immediately removed from the list.

We reserve the right to amend, add to or change these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to withdraw this product review scheme at any point. Our selection of product reviewers will be on an 'as needed' basis, and we reserve the right to reject anyone, without explanation. Our decision will be final.


Carr Day and Martin's New Equimist Sprays
Posted on 17th May 2014

Carr Day and Martin launched their revoultionary equimist 360o sprays at BETA this year.

Equimist 360o an innovative new spray technology that is set to revolutionise product application in the horse care world.
Equimist 360o can spray a full 360o meaning product can continue to be applied whilst the dispensor is upside down. The fine misting and wider spray pattern of equimist ensures a more even distribution, total coverage and a perfect finish every time. The specially designed trigger head provides minimal sound when spraying and the technology provides unbeatable bottle evecuation.

Whilst the price has increased a little (as all things must), they actually work out a very simular price as their smaller counterparts, and with better usage out of a bottle, with less being left in the bottle, and with more going on the horse, they work out being very good vaule for money.


Table Top Sale
Posted on 29th April 2014

Table Top Sale, three magic words when it comes to all things horsie.

For those of us who love grabing a bargin, a table top sale can be heaven. Cottingham Equestrian Centre are holding one on Friday 9th May 2014, which starts at 6pm. For more details visit their Facebook Page Here.

We will be taking a table to the sale, and will have some fantastic special offers available. But the best part about a table top sale, is you never know what you can find, and how little you have to pay for some of these things. I have in the past picked up a nearly new pair of N.E.W. Magnetic boots for £5.00, and a Pro-Lite riser pad for £2.00! Crazy bargins, but if you want space in your tack room, and would like to free up some cash, its a great way of doing so.

The trick to a sucessful time at a table top sale is to not spend all your earnings on more items! And only buy what you'll use, and because I know this is something that I am incapable of doing, as I hate missing a bargin, I'm going to leave this bit in grey, in the hope that people will miss it, and not remind me of it on Friday!

Delivery Charges
Posted on 23rd April 2014

Just in case you didnt know, we charge our postage based on weight, and starts from just £2.95 (UK)

We try to keep the pricing as simple and fair as possible, and we wanted to let everyone know who lives in a postcode starting with HS, or ZE, that there is NO additional charge. We class you as part of the UK. The same applies if you live in Scotland!

Deliveries to HS and ZE postcodes may take a day longer, but there wont be any nasty suprises when you place your items into the basket and check-out.