Loyalty Scheme

We believe that loyalty should be rewarded, but as we know loyalty is something that has to be earnt by us, we offer a reward to say 'Thank you' when purchasing from The NoseBag Tack Shop.

We've made the loyalty system easy to use. For every £1.00 you spend - excluding delivery - we will give you 1 point. These points are worth £0.02.

You can also gain extra loyalty points for things like signing up to our newsletter. We send a newsletter out about once a month, so don't worry, we won't be filling up your email inbox every day.

Another way to earn extra loyalty points is to write product reviews from items purchased on The NoseBag Tack Shop. The reviews are checked before we publish them on the website. This doesn't mean that if you didn't like a product, that your review won't appear!

Just a note about loyalty points and returns/cancelled orders. Loyalty points are automatically awarded once we dispatch an order. If you return an order, or cancel it, your loyalty points will be adjusted to reflect this.


Best Before Date Information

Whilst we take every care to ensure your item is delivered to you, with the longest Best Before Date, occassionally items are supplied to us with shorter dates than we would like. Every item we supply will have at least 2 months date on the item, before we class it as 'short date'. For feed items which are intended to last longer than 2 months before they are used up, based on a 500kg horse, we adjust this time frame accordingly.

Please note that the Best Before Date is an indecator, to ensure best results/best quailty, and doesnt mean that the supplement is not fit for use after the Best Before Date.