Discount Equestrian Products

Our discount equestrian products section contains items which are short dated, past their best before date or damaged, and are subsequently greatly reduced. We also offer end of line and discontinued items at reduced prices too.

Products are given a best before date to guarantee quality of a product up to and on that date. Products which have past their best before dates are still perfectly safe to feed; however, the manufacturer would not be able to guarantee vitamin and mineral levels after this date. Some grooming, or leather care products also have best before dates on them, again, this is so they can guarantee the quality of the product up to the date specified.

These discount equestrian products are limited, so it really is first come, first served. We have no objection to anyone emailing us, to ask if we will take a reduced price on a clearance item, but please be polite, as we cannot always accommodate your requests. Sorry, but items in this section are non-returnable or refundable.

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